Labour advisory

We assist you in managing the labour activities of your business

Preparation of employees’ contracts


Preparation and registration of the inbounds and outbounds of employees in the National Insurance (Seguridad Social)

Payroll preparation

Calculation of the National Insurance contribution forms for both “general” and “special” regimes

  • We are integrated in the National Insurance (Seguridad Social) network; this allows us to offer fast and high quality management of your labour matters
Additional services
  • Registration of your company in the National Insurance database (Seguridad Social)
  • Preparation of the openings of your working centres
  • Preparation of employees’ contracts
  • Employee redundancy assistance including calculation of redundancy payments
  • Preparation of conciliations before the SMAC
  • Assistance with labour inspections
  • Defense against your employees’ legal demands

Customised advising

Here at TAX we offer an advising service that is tailor made to your company. Not only do we take care of all matters related to National Insurance but also we provide advice regarding recent laws to help your company deal with its labour matters in the most efficient way possible.

The best labour advisory

Do your job, TAX takes care of the rest

We want to help your business in Spain

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